About IFS

A Brief Overview of our internal system, according to IFS

IFS stands for ‘Internal Family Systems’.  IFS is “an evidence-based psychotherapy that helps people heal by accessing and loving protective and wounded inner parts.” (The IFS Institute)

IFS gives us a way of understanding ourselves as complex beings with a core Self plus a number of parts, or distinct identifiable aspects of ourselves.

The core Self is capable, kind, wise, and much more. It’s common for us not to be aware of our essential core Self, because it’s usually covered over by the dominant thought patterns, emotions and activities of our parts.

Our parts can be put into 3 categories: healthy parts,  highly-charged ‘Protectors’ and ‘Exiles’.

Healthy parts don’t usually require attention in therapy. It’s nice to know that we have parts that are fine and do their things without any worries or concerns. they are parts of us that can just get on with the tasks, or help us enjoy things without any additional worries or concerns.

Worries and concerns are where the Protectors come in. They come in 2 kinds: ‘managers’ who use preventative strategies, and ‘fire-fighters’ who use reactive strategies. They are parts of us that must do what they do, to keep us from being overwhelmed or disrupted by our exiles.

Exiles are parts of us that we have isolated from the rest of our system, because they are where we are carrying burdens of intense or difficult feelings or beliefs (such as “I’m worthless”).

By helping people first access their Self and, from that core, come to understand and heal their parts, IFS creates inner and outer connectedness.

Introducing and Explaining IFS in more detail

Understanding the theory of IFS is interesting for some but not needed by others. If you need more explanation, I have more detail here:

How will you know if IFS informed counseling is something that can help you? the best way is to take the step and just try it.

The next question is: who will you be comfortable working with? This could be me, or it could be someone else.

If need to learn more about me, please have a look at the ‘About Wayne’ page.

If you are ready to take the next step and inquire about booking a session, please call 0491105868 email ifswithwayne@gmail.com or use the link below, where it says ‘Contact Wayne’

Please note that I am in the AEST time zone, which is Eastern Australia. My state of Queensland does not have daylight savings so for part of the year Sydney and Melbourne times are an hour ahead. You may leave a message at any time, and I will seek to get back to you as soon as I am able.