What's it like working with Wayne? Testimonials

Wayne has supported me to get in contact with my parts and to heal wounds that still had an impact in my life. I really appreciate his presence and his tenderness and compassion with all my parts. For me it is very amazing how he can really listen and see things that I am not able to see. More than anything I appreciated a lot how he would not try to get rid of or dismiss anything that my parts would express, contrary to that he would appreciate and welcome anything that would come up, that really gave me an experience of acceptance and being welcome.
Carimar, France

I have been meeting weekly with Wayne Logan, an Internal Family Systems informed therapist since January 2022. What strikes me as different about Wayne is his generosity and enthusiasm for sharing such a valuable process. I appreciate how Wayne is attentive to everything I say and how he has the gift to hear the subtleties of what I am communicating and remember things from past sessions that are important to me, working with that in significant and insightful ways that keep on resonating in me after we have finished our process together. He is sensitive to being present and holding the space in different ways. He can bring humour to a situation and above all else is willing to show that he is human himself. I am often inspired to make visual images in response to what we have worked on and this is a poignant reminder and consolidation of knowing for me beyond words. I can highly recommend working with Wayne. .
Jo R

Hi, my name is Tracey
Before I met Wayne, I did not have the confidence to do a Facebook live, something I had been putting off for 5 years. I believed this was holding me back in my business.
During the sessions I had many Ah Ha moments. It became clear to me why I acted the way I did. Wayne has a gentle and caring nature and he was able to guide me during the sessions and help me to join the dots.
Now I’m feeling more relaxed and in control of my own life. I also feel more relaxed when I am training others. I now know how to speak to my parts. I am meeting my goals and it feels great. My first Facebook live was perfectly imperfect. No more thinking I had to be perfect. I can’t thank you enough Wayne.

If anyone needs any help getting to know their parts, I would definitely recommend you have a discovery session with Wayne.

I have had several IFS sessions with Wayne over a period of a few months. He has kindly given me sessions for free* which has made a real difference to my life.

I would recommend ifs to anyone who needs clarity with their emotional world as it really helps to get in touch with your emotions and find out what you need to do to heal. It has made a difference to me on many levels.

Olivia, UK


*Olivia was one of several clients who took up my offer of a number of free sessions in the initial phase of my Encouraging Space practice.